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Portfolio of my current and past work.

Amersham Dec

Amersham Dec is a brilliant example of a simple informational website for a shop that currently has its main presence in a physical location. The elegant and user-intuitive interface enables visitors to easily find out which range of products/brands the store stocks and details of how visitors can contact the shop either by phone, post or using the built-in contact form that uses CAPTCHA to help prevent spam posts. The vast majority of the target audience; decorating trade Continue reading Amersham Dec

Decor Scene

Decor Scene was a smaller, simpler project I worked on. Mike from Decor Scene tasked me with creating a simple, user-friendly website that gave Decor Scene, a family run DIY store, a web presence. For the main design I approached a company I had recently worked with Webslash to design a simple, elegant and modern website that made an impact on any user who visited. After a few drafts we were there and it was down to me to slice the design and code it. As the site itself i Continue reading Decor Scene


Web development firm Webslash approached me with the task of integrating their design for a new joke sharing website, Jokepants, into an existing script called FMyScript. FMyScript is a story sharing script. This was a relatively quick project as the script was already coded and just required modifications to make it suitable for jokes as opposed to stories. Continue reading Jokepants

City Coupons

City Coupons, a very recent project, in essence is a full content management for coupons. Using the system you are able to add printable, SMS and viewable coupons to your website. In addition to this, the system has a range of other features to offer. Started at the beginning of November ’09 and completed with version 1.0.2 in February ’10 its certainly been a large but exciting project.

Continue reading City Coupons