My latest and greatest project is a culmination of many many hours of both research and programming. Originally launched at the beginning of December, 2008, it has recently reached version 3. It includes the use of ajax, caching, php, mysql and intergration with external scripts such as ffmpeg and custom bash scripts.

FetchMP3.com in a nutshell is an audio ripping website. It has the ability to perform searches on some of the most popular video sites in the world, download a video that the user selects and extract the audio. This is especially useful for listening to speeches, audiobooks etc on iPods. Of course this can already be done using offline desktop tools but the process can often be arduous and time-consuming. FetchMP3.com has the ability to allow users to search a video site through FetchMP3’s built-in search engine, select a video and within a minute have it converted into a fully functional mp3 file.

The client in this project was a company called PapaFace, through constant contact with the client a service has been created that meets above and beyond the initial specification.

I have learnt a lot during the course of this project, I have developed good understanding of bash scripts, maintaining and installing additional *NIX modules and of course troubleshooting.

To sum it up I have used the following skills in the creation of FetchMP3:

  • Javascript/Ajax (in particular the jQuery library)
  • Bash scripting
  • Script configuration/installation (ffmpeg, json, mcurl)
  • Script customisation (mcurl)
  • Server administration (installation of various modules, modifications to system configuration)

Some thumbnails are below:

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