New Project: vBulletin-Bridge

vBulletin-Bridge Logo
vBulletin-Bridge Logo

Whilst working on FetchMP3 I wanted to create a bridge between the forum membership system and that of the main site’s. So a lot of writing later the vbulletin bridge was born. It has many of the features any membership system would need such as:

  • Register new member (requiring activation)
  • Process activation from email
  • Process activation manually
  • Update user details
  • Delete a user (would not reccomend for general use)
  • Login
  • Logout
  • Lost Password
  • Change Password (can tie in with Lost Password)

All of the functions above intergrate with vBulletin, think of the class as a mini-api. Its currently released as a first version, if I get any interest in it I will of course make additions and changes as needed!

Check it out here:

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