Case of the missing/hidden IE8 Developer Tools window

Whilst working on a current project I was trying to get cross-browser compatability working nicely. However when I came to load up IE’s Developer Tools I found it was loading up the window but nothing was there! I’m running Windows 7 and this seems to be the only version of windows the problem is affecting:
Missing/Hidden Developer Tools

The solution I found is actually very simple, right click on that hidden window thumbnail and click maximise. If that fails then you could always try a solution outlined on StackOverflow. The best solutions are often the most simple!!

10 thoughts on “Case of the missing/hidden IE8 Developer Tools window”

  1. This just happened to me so thanks for the info to getting it back…

    I then tried right-clicking, select Restore, then right-click again and selecting Move. Then used the keyboard arrow keys to move something around. I then moved my mouse and little Dev window came into view which I could then resize with the mouse.

    We’re back! nice.

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