Amersham Dec

Amersham Dec is a brilliant example of a simple informational website for a shop that currently has its main presence in a physical location. The elegant and user-intuitive interface enables visitors to easily find out which range of products/brands the store stocks and details of how visitors can contact the shop either by phone, post or using the built-in contact form that uses CAPTCHA to help prevent spam posts. The vast majority of the target audience; decorating trade professionals, are not tech-savvy and this was one of the main reasons behind making the site appear so simple and straight-forward.

Like with past projects I again worked with Michiel from Webslash to create the design drafts and final design. Once this was finalised and shown to the client I then proceeded to first slice the design into its component parts and then to code it into WC3 valid XHTML/CSS. I opted to use the established method of image sprites for the rounded corners rather than using the new CSS3 rounded corners as many of the target audience may not keep their browsers up to date and a majority will use Internet Explorer 8 which still does not fully support CSS3.

After the first pass of coding I then converted the XHTML/CSS to a WordPress theme to enable easy self management by the owner for minor content modifications.

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