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HTC Desire Release Dates

W ith the launch of the HTC’s new Desire imminent I was hoping to get my hands on one sooner rather than later. Unfortunately it seems that due to the current (but surely not unexpected?!) high level of demand the main release date for the UK has been pushed back to April 12th for standard stores with major carriers getting there hands on it at varying times. I’ve been trying to piece together information on the varying release dates and so have created the chart below: Continue reading HTC Desire Release Dates


Web development firm Webslash approached me with the task of integrating their design for a new joke sharing website, Jokepants, into an existing script called FMyScript. FMyScript is a story sharing script. This was a relatively quick project as the script was already coded and just required modifications to make it suitable for jokes as opposed to stories. Continue reading Jokepants

City Coupons

City Coupons, a very recent project, in essence is a full content management for coupons. Using the system you are able to add printable, SMS and viewable coupons to your website. In addition to this, the system has a range of other features to offer. Started at the beginning of November ’09 and completed with version 1.0.2 in February ’10 its certainly been a large but exciting project.

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The Alternative Top 100 Songs of the Decade

The Horror!
The Horror!

Disgusted at the fact that Absoute Radio’s “Songs of the Decade” includes fifteen, yes, 15 songs by McFly, one of my good friends Daniel Bailey has created an alternative Top 100 songs of the Decade list. If you strongly disagree with any of these then leave a comment. I’ve also attached a link to download this playlist to iTunes 🙂
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