PHP Compilation (Cannot find -lltdl)

When compiling PHP from source (in my case version 5.3.2) on CentOS 5.4 I kept getting the following error when trying to compile with mcrypt:

"/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lltdl"

This seems to be due to a missing development library with the obscure name of libtool-ltdl-devel to fix this simply use:

yum install libtool-ltdl-devel

Which should include the package along with several dependencies.


[PHP] TLD List, Inc. Level 2 & 3

Whilst working on a new open-source project I needed to be able to be able to detect/remove the TLD’s from hostnames. This is no easy task algorithmically as (level 2) is just as valid as (level 1) which is also just as valid as (level 3). I came across a project from Mozilla that lists all TLDs. This isn’t the easiest format to work with each time you want to test hostnames. So I’ve built an auto-updater that will sort and serialize the domains into a format like:
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Decor Scene

Decor Scene was a smaller, simpler project I worked on. Mike from Decor Scene tasked me with creating a simple, user-friendly website that gave Decor Scene, a family run DIY store, a web presence. For the main design I approached a company I had recently worked with Webslash to design a simple, elegant and modern website that made an impact on any user who visited. After a few drafts we were there and it was down to me to slice the design and code it. As the site itself i Continue reading Decor Scene

PHP Search and Replace Directory Recursively

On a message forum I regularily visit a member was having issues with code being placed in multiple files that he wanted to remove or change without having to edit each and every file manually. For this I created a search and replace function which will recursively search the directory and every file Continue reading PHP Search and Replace Directory Recursively