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[PHP] TLD List, Inc. Level 2 & 3

Whilst working on a new open-source project I needed to be able to be able to detect/remove the TLD’s from hostnames. This is no easy task algorithmically as example.co.uk (level 2) is just as valid as example.com (level 1) which is also just as valid as example.bob.shiga.jp (level 3). I came across a project from Mozilla that lists all TLDs. This isn’t the easiest format to work with each time you want to test hostnames. So I’ve built an auto-updater that will sort and serialize the domains into a format like:
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Decor Scene

Decor Scene was a smaller, simpler project I worked on. Mike from Decor Scene tasked me with creating a simple, user-friendly website that gave Decor Scene, a family run DIY store, a web presence. For the main design I approached a company I had recently worked with Webslash to design a simple, elegant and modern website that made an impact on any user who visited. After a few drafts we were there and it was down to me to slice the design and code it. As the site itself i Continue reading Decor Scene

PHP Search and Replace Directory Recursively

On a message forum I regularily visit a member was having issues with code being placed in multiple files that he wanted to remove or change without having to edit each and every file manually. For this I created a search and replace function which will recursively search the directory and every file Continue reading PHP Search and Replace Directory Recursively


Web development firm Webslash approached me with the task of integrating their design for a new joke sharing website, Jokepants, into an existing script called FMyScript. FMyScript is a story sharing script. This was a relatively quick project as the script was already coded and just required modifications to make it suitable for jokes as opposed to stories. Continue reading Jokepants

City Coupons

City Coupons, a very recent project, in essence is a full content management for coupons. Using the system you are able to add printable, SMS and viewable coupons to your website. In addition to this, the system has a range of other features to offer. Started at the beginning of November ’09 and completed with version 1.0.2 in February ’10 its certainly been a large but exciting project.

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